Box 1971 has joined the Fire Hooks Unlimited family as an authorized distributor.  Click the logo below to learn more.  Not all tools are created equal.  Why not use the best?  Box 1971 can assist you in your tool selection/purchase.  Do not be fooled by imitators.  

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2018 Box 1971 Firefighter Training Report

-Trained with 41 Different Agencies. 

-Trained 1,197 Students.

Average of 19 per session. 

-15+ Burns in the MFB

-7500+ forces on the MultiForce Door.

-2 Conferences/shows attended.


Box 1971 has proudly partnered with and uses the fire fighting following products:  

Box 1971 Firefighter or department fire fighting training.

fire fighting

fire rescue

​fire truck

"Cheap isn't bada$$, Bada$$ isn't cheap." 


​Our Mission is simple: 

"Changing the culture of the fire service, one fireman at a time."

 Click the box below to visit the Fire Truck Guru.  His page is "intended to promote the history and tradition of the fire service and to take a look bucket the History and Romance of the fire service over the years.  Come on in, pull up at chair and lets visit."  -FTG

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Box 1971, LLC


1979 Mack/Baker CF600 Aerialscope 75' Tower Ladder

(Annually Certified and equipped to NFPA Standard)


PIGs/Pro Bar Halligans/Fire Axe Axes/Maxximus Pro Bars/NY Hooks

DuckBill Lock Breaker/Bolt Cutters/Numerous Hand Tools

Over 200' of portable ladders

Partner Saws/Stihl Chainsaws

Scott SCBA/SurvivAir SCBA

Bullard Eclipse LD TIC/Bullard T3 Max TIC

(Both have Super Red Hot & Thermal Throttle)

Numerous lock and door props

All Instructors wear Phenix  TL2 Helmets and InnoTex Gloves.

Max Fire Box©

MultiForce Door© by FireHouse Innovations

Crush Door Tool©  by FireHouse Innovations