​Our Mission is simple: 

"Changing the culture of the fire service, one fireman at a time."

Box 1971, LLC

Why choose Box 1971?

Ask yourself honestly....how much does it cost to send one fireman to a weekend school?  

Your answer is more than likely:  a few hundred dollars, more like $300.00.

That is normally one member. For usually a one day class.  Not Including food, fuel, hotel, tolls, etc.  

Let Box 1971 show you the ease of attaining continuing education for your department/agency.   Utilize the contact page for a quote for your department/agency.

There are numerous training agencies around the country, do they carry insurance?  This can be a big deal.  Are there hidden costs such as "material" fees in a class? Are their instructors certified by multiple bodies? 

Box 1971 is of the mindset, we bring the training to you.  You can keep your district staffed, trucks in service, and  lessen the worry of travel for your members.  

Box 1971 classes are designed to meet the JPR (Job Performance Requirements) for each discipline offered.  Box 1971 does not replace the need for initial certification.  Box 1971 is challenging the members of the American Fire Service to raise the bar and continue with their fire education beyond their initial certification.  As most people know, certifications are great, but they do not put out fires, throw ladders, cut holes, make a stretch or force doors.

With over 110 years of combined fire service experience from various agencies and areas, let Box 1971 assist your agency achieve optimum performance on the fire ground.   Box 1971 instructors are insured.  


Smoke & Fire Behavior

     -Unlimited Classroom Participants.

     -2-2.5 hours of Classroom instruction & learning.

     -Limit of 20 Students per burn.

          -Additional burns, are added at a cost per burn.

     -Burn(s) will utilize the MAX FIRE BOX (www.maxfirebox.com)

     -3-3.5 hours of total instruction.


Building Construction

     -Limit of 40 Students per session.

     -16 Total hours of instruction & learning.

     -This course is designed to go in depth further than the "book."


Size Up & Command

     -Limit of 30 students.

     -Table top exercises.

     -Class can be customized for "scene roll ups and initial command."

     -Burn(s) in the MAX FIRE BOX

          -Additional burns, are added at a cost per burn.

     -8 hours of total instruction​ & learning.


Forcible Entry

      -Limit of 30 students.

      -Practical portion  MULTI-FORCE Door & Tools, or use your own. (www.firehouseinnovations.com)

      -3 Hours Classroom instruction & learning. 

​      -5 Hours H.O.T.


Officer  Sh!t

     -Limit of 20 Students.

       -8 hours of classroom instruction/discussion.

       -Situation Handling & feedback.

       -Burn(s) in the MAX FIRE BOX
              -Additional burns, are added at a cost per burn.

       -Sure we can take Fire Officer I-IV, but we cover what the book or test never addresses.  

Ladder Company Operations

       -Limit of 20 students.

       -3 hours of Classroom Instruction & learning.

​       -Burn(s) in the MAX FIRE BOX
            -Additional burns, are added at a cost per burn.

       -Utilization of the MULTI-FORCE door (www.firehouseinnovations.com)

       -5 hours of H.O.T. 

Engine Company Operations

       -Limit of 20 students.

       -3 hours of Classroom instruction & learning.

       -Burn(s) in the MAX FIRE BOX
             -Additional burns, are added at a cost per burn.

       -5 hours of H.O.T. 


**More than a 2 hour travel time (total time) will incur additional cost(s).  Cost(s) will be reflected of the current GSA rate.  This may be worked out on a case by case basis.  Including but not limited to: Mileage, Parking, Hotel, Meals, Flights, Baggage, Tolls, Etc. **


For more information:

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We all work Shift work, we will be back in touch with you in 24-48 hours.