​Our Mission is simple: 

"Changing the culture of the fire service, one fireman at a time."

Box 1971, LLC

Fire Service Facts:

-18 Year student of the job

- Fireman/EMT

​-IFSAC & ProBoard Instructor


Travelling & Baseball 

Favorite Quote:

"I have a dream, it's just a little dream.  My dream- and I hope that you do not find this too crazy- is that God forbid there were a fire, calling the fire department would actually be a wise thing to do.  You cannot have people, if their houses are burning down saying 'whatever you do, do not call the fire department.....that would be bad."

C.D. Bales  

The motion picture:  Roxanne



Fire Service Facts:

-17 Year student of the job


​-ProBoard Instructor


Hunting, fishing, and living life (not just existing)

Favorite Quote:

"Take the fu@kin door."


Box 1971 was formed with the intent to educate firemen (men or women).  By utilizing over 126 years of experience, education, and practical job knowledge, we are able to help firemen retain knowledge and job specific skills.  

Box 1971 was named  by combing a Gamewell Fire Alarm Box, and the 1971 Mack CF600 that the company owned.  The Mack served the citizens of Raleigh, North Carolina, and is now retired.  The engine was sold in the Summer of 2016 to a private collector in Raleigh/Durham.

Box 1971 now owns a Mack CF600 Baker Aerialscope 75' Tower ladder, which is used for classes.  The ladder is fully functional, has SCBAs, and a compliment of tools .  Tower Ladder 71 began its service in Chesterfield, Virginia; and was purchased as it was being retired from Ruckersville, Virginia.  It now has it's own Firehouse (71) at the Headquarters of Box 1971.  

​-Lead Instructor

-Lead Instructor

Christi Henthorn

J.E. Henthorn

Meet The CREW


-Lead Instructor

Fire Service Facts:

-40 Year Student of the job

- Fire Chief (Ret.)

-New Jersey  Instructor


Enjoying Retirement!!

Favorite Quote:

"I hope to cash as many pension checks as I did pay checks.  That is my hope for the entire fire service."

K.J. Scanlon 

Fire Service Facts:

-10 Year student of the job

-Career Clinical Laboratory Scientist



Remodeling, beekeeping & gardening

Favorite Quote:

"A backdraft has the right of way."



​-Lead Instructor​

-Creative Design

Fire Service Facts:

-25 Year student of the job

- Fireman/Paramedic

-IFSAC Instructor


Military History, NASCAR & Hockey

Favorite Quote:

"But we in it shall be remembered- we few, we happy few, we band of brothers."

 St. Crispin's Day Speech,


P.G. Larimore

-Lead Instructor​​

Fire Service Facts:

-17 Year student of the job


-IFSAC &ProBoard Instructor


Fishing, Camping & being at home

with his wife and dog.

Favorite Quote:

"Everybody is a genius. But if you

judge a fish by it's ability to climb

a tree, it will live its whole life 

believing it is stupid."

Albert Einstein